Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fall Beauty: Accessories, makeup bags, and clutches

Makeup Bag
Fall is right around the corner and now is the perfect time to get your wardrobe in order.  As leaves begin to change color and the season transitions, your wardrobe will also.  You will have to replace those beach sandals with closed toe shoes, put on a jacket, and dress well for the cooler weather. 

     Today we will focus on a very important part of the wardrobe, accessories.  Accessories assist in giving our outfits character, style, and class. Furthermore, occasion defines which type of accessory will be utilized. A pearl clutch may be perfect for a wedding, but inappropriate for a bbq. A diamond necklace may be great for a banquet but too gaudy for the movies.
Exotic Animal Print

       In particular, my main focus for this article are  makeup bags. Now many of you may not imagine using a makeup bag as an accessory. We often think of them as something to hold our cosmetics and toiletries.  They are often hidden from sight, tucked away inside our purse or travel bag. However, you can use your makeup bag as an accessory, in particular a clutch. A clutch? Yes a clutch. 

     Imagine doubling your cute makeup bag as a clutch. As the winter months roll around there will be many holiday parties and events that will require something more than your average heavier handbag. Makeup bags make very good last minute emergency clutches.

   When you choose a makeup bag, make sure it has an eye-catching design.  Uniqueness is what makes your bag unforgettable.  You want to be able to wow people and leave them bewildered once you reveal that your "clutch" is really a cosmetics bag.  You do not want to use a makeup bag that looks like it is only good for storing hand lotion and lipstick. You want to choose something that stands out and is very unique.  Below are the two makeup bags in action.  Look how they add a touch of distinction to each dress.

Evening wear

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pretty Purple, Red and Blue Fashion

Purple and Red

     Today's look features the dominant color red with complementary shades of purple, blue, and a hint of yellow. This outfit gives the wearer the appearance of an hourglass figure. The Asymmetric Blazer makes the waist appear narrow while simultaneously widening the hips. The pencil skirt accentuates curves and the knee high boots elongates the legs.

The coat

     I based this whole set off of the coat. I chose this coat because of it's unique tartan design which creates the perfect harmony of red, purple, blue, and yellow. Red dominates in this blazer, but it is carefully complemented by contrasting shades of purple, a well placed blue, and subtle hints of yellow. I admired the careful placing of the colors which is very important. Misplaced colors can make a fabric appear too “busy” at first glance.

    Next, let's talk about tailoring. This blazer has a truly amazing asymmetrical cut which is not overwhelming, but actually complements the figure especially if you want to have the appearance of wider hips. It is professional, yet stylish making it the ideal work blazer. The double ring buckle centers the look in classic form.

The boots and skirt

    These red leather knee high boots are great for all body types. They make the legs appear longer and slimmer while the heels adds an extra flair to the whole outfit. I was careful of knee high boots and pencil skirts. Knee high boots with pencil skirts are an area of caution for me. If the boots are too bulky they may look awkward and off balance. Furthermore, some boots have buckets and embellishments that looks odd with pencil skirts. However, a plain solid color leather knee boot looks great with this selection. Most importantly, if you are wearing an outfit to the office and the skin at the knees are exposed where the hem of the skirt and top of the boot meets, this can give off an unprofessional and raunchy look. To avoid this from happening it is best to wear a pencil skirt with a hemline below the knee just to be on the safe side. .

The Accessories

     Finally, let's discuss accessories. For the accessories I chose deep rich colors for the purse and ring. I chose a purse that compliments the coat with it's perfect blend of red, blue, and purple. Next, I had to choose another accessory that needed to feature a deep purple color. I was going to go with a purple gem necklace, but felt it may look awkward with all the red that is featured in the outfit. I needed something more subtle, something that can be worn on the hands or arms. Aha! I will choose a ring. After a few minutes of searching, I spotted a purple ring that added that perfect subtle touch to the collection. Not overwhelming or flashy, this purple ring stands out on it's own by adding that perfect finishing touch.  

Purple and Red by rhonda-faye-jones featuring a red skirt

Silk Cashmere red sweater
$105 -

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania plaid jacket
$855 -

Roland Mouret red skirt

Lagon Rouge zipper wallet

Gold ring

Styli Style eyeliner

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Deep purple: Fashion tips for fall and winter

     Purple is a fashionable color that work well with all seasons. This color not only adds style to a boring wardrobe, but was historically worn by royalty.  As the warm months become cool, we must look for deep purple hues and complementary colors.   Here are tips on how to make the most out of a purple outfit.

1.  Choose colors that work well with deep purple:

The dominant color in this featured set is deep purple.  However, you may not want to be dressed in purple from head to toe.  One solution is to find complementary colors.

Purple is a combination of the colors red and blue so if you want to really be dramatic you can mix and match purple with those colors.  Also, gold can work well with purple because it is bright and dramatic.  The neutral color gray also work well as a backdrop, making purple stand out even more. This is the main complementary color chosen for this set.

2.  Establish which items will feature your dominant color:

Next, you should establish which items of your wardrobe will feature your dominant color.  In this set, I chose a purple coat, shirt, and shoes. I reasoned that her coat, shirt, and shoes would be the main areas that would draw peoples attention.  So I want those colors to stand out the most.

3. Work on your complementary colors

Now let's work on our complementary colors (or what I call back drop colors).  I chose gray and black for this set.  I wanted her to wear gray jeans because it is neutral and would break up the purple that is in her coat, top, and shoes. This causes the deep purple hue to stand out even more.

Then I decided that she needed some accessories that were darker than the color gray.  Here, I chose the color black.  Her purse will be noticeable against her purple coat and the dark shades will stand out on her face.  This causes her to have a striking appearance.

4. Complementary makeup 

I chose shimmery purple lip gloss to highlight the lip area.  The dark shades and shimmery purple lipstick will add a good contrast.

Trendy Purple

Purple top

Uniqlo ankle jeans
$55 -

Lipsy pumps
$71 -

Yves Saint Laurent monogrammed purse
$1,930 -

Lips makeup

Wall art