Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Patchwork Pillows

    My latest home decor design are patchwork pillows.  These pillows are all featuring a marvelous striped theme that adds character and class to your home environment.  Some of the pillows features the same theme through while others have multicolored striped designs.  It is similar to the design of a quilt.  Check some of them out below.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fall Fashion: Orange, Brown, and Animal Print

Fall Colors Brown and Orange

Fall Colors Brown and Orange by rhonda-faye-jones featuring leather jewelry

   This fabulous fall fashion features beautiful, vibrant autumn colors. With various shades of orange and brown ,this set uses animal print and gold accessories to create a stunning appearance. This makes the perfect wardrobe for the office.

The Outfit

   Featured on the far left, is a lovely Mary Jane Blazer which is 100% wool. The Blazer's striking orange color makes it perfect for fall. It has a single breasted design and a shawl lapel collar. Stay chick and warm as you head to work.

   This brownish red sweater fully embodies the essence of fall. A “Dusan” Turtleneck it was created from cashmere and silk material allowing a soft smooth touch. It's ribbed design makes it perfect for the office.

  The sweater is complemented by the featured “Top Shop Wide Leg Pants” that allows comfort and style. You will look professional and fashionable with these brownish red pants. Can get good wear out of them during winter months also.

  This outfit would not be complete without these one of a kind peep toe heels. These “C Label Detroit-3 heel” comes in the complementary color, tan. They are approximately 4 inches high. There is a beautiful cut out design along the front of the foot.

The Accessories

  Bold, beautiful, and undeniable, this Carryall tote “Voyage Large Bonded Leather Leopard” made by Diane Von Furstenberg is eye-catching adding some pizzazz to this brownish red ensemble. The leopard print is rich in detail. This tote is 100% leather.

  At first glance I thought this bracelet was a tan belt. However, when I discovered that it was actually a bracelet, I knew I had to include it in my set. This is an exclusive Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Bracelet. I love the push lock that resembles a belt buckle. Add extra glam to this outfit by highlighting the arms.

  I was looking for a pair of stunning yet low key earrings to add to this collection. I found the perfect pair in Chanel. These round, chain gold tone earrings are clip on. Adds a vintage feel to the collection.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Plus Size fashion: An amazing outfit for a night on the town

Plus Size fashion

Plus Size fashion by rhonda-faye-jones featuring a genuine leather shoulder bag

   Today's post is going to feature plus sized fashion. This ensemble has a black and white theme. I chose black and white because I love this particular dress and decided to center my theme around it.

The Outfit

   Featured here is a Gina Bacconi black knee length cocktail dress. It has a black and white monochrome design. The black trimmings on this white dress creates a high fashion look. The material is double knit fabric allowing the dress to stretch and frame the body. It's A line cut causes it to narrow at the waist and flare at the hips creating an instant hourglass shape. Great for a formal events and dates.

   Next, we will discuss the shrug. This elbow length sheer black Chiffon shrug is perfect the perfect counterpart to this dress. It's lightweight, breathable material allows comfort and style for formal events. Made from 100% polyester material it is wrinkle and stain resistant.

  This dress would not be complete without the perfect pair of heels. These solid brass 6 inch black heels are definitely for the bold. Featuring a lovely ankle strap these “Dagger Black Patent Heels” are by Devious. Just like it's namesake, “Dagger”, these heels are sharp and pointy.

The Accessories

  For the accessories I chose a charming purse and trendy bangles. Highlighted in this set is the Saint Laurent leather monogram shoulder bag in black. This glamorous purse can be worn to a variety of occasions, from elegant events to dinner dates. It's black chain link shoulder strap is stylish and sleek.

  Last but definitely not least, are the black and silver bangles. These Guess “Selina Silver-Toned Bracelet” set is the perfect addition that adds that special spark to this dress. Six stylish bracelets are included in this set.

The hair

  To really bring out the glam we must not forget one of the most important natural accessories, our hair. Here, the model is donning a long wavy ponytail that is careful placed at the crown of the head. This ponytail is sleek,shiny, and full of volume. You can recreate this wavy look by using a very large barrel curling or wand iron. For a non-heat method simply wrap your hair in a bun at the crown of the head and let it set for about 2 to 3 hours. Then loose the bun and your hair should become wavy.  

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Beauty of African Head wraps

African Head wraps

   African head wraps are colorful, creative, and absolutely elegant. They are worn in a way that exposes the neck and face highlight it's features. Headwraps are often paired with complementary jewelry such as earrings and necklaces.

Brief History of the Head wrap

   Originating in sub-saharan Africa, the head wrap has been used for centuries by various African tribes. Called the doek, duku, tukwi, or gele depending on the region, these head tie's have both decorative and functional purposes. It's meaning can change according to region and religion. For example, Ghanians may wear their head wraps, which are referred to as duku's, on special religious holy days. Most Nigerians opt for the more large and elaborate head-ties referred to as gele's. Gele's can be worn during daily activities, special events such as wedding ceremonies, or to church and religious services. In South African culture, married women may wear white head wraps depending on their religious beliefs.

The Head wrap in America
  During slavery head wraps were looked down upon by the White enslavers. The once regal African head wrap was torn down to mere rags upon the institution of slavery. Their meaning were reversed and used as a tool of subjugation and a constant reminder that a person was a slave. There were even codes and laws in certain regions of the United States stating that African women had to wear head rags in order to acknowledge that share the same status or privileges of White women.

  However, the enslaved Africans used the rags as a reminder of home and hopes for freedom. They styled their rags in a variety of ways that revealed their sense of agency. African Americans also used the head pieces to create unity and a sense of community during slavery. Tribes that were from different regions and territories within African (even enemy villages) were all united under the head wrap. Thus, the head wrap began to evolve as a message of rebellion to Euro-centric ideals that were being forced upon this enslaved people.

  Today there is a resurgence of African pride within the Black community and the head wrap has taken center stage once again. Head wraps are used to not only style clothing, but also a sense of African pride and a love for all things African. It is used to highlight the hues of the skin, African facial features, and even African hair texture and style.   

African Head wraps by rhonda-faye-jones featuring a nail varnish

Nail polish

Essie nail varnish